About Me

I am a language specialist and love languages with a passion. Though my mother tongue is English, I am proficient in more than 6 languages. I have a master’s degree in Philology and further a degree in translation studies. To complement my education, I have a degree in Journalism and article writing which allows me to use my knowledge in languages with finesse.

I have a great amount of experience in translating in various articles and content during my experience in field. I have been in this area of translation for the past 15 years. I have some prestigious clients who have entrusted me with their translation work. I have membership with the Institute of Translation and Interpretation, and therefore abide by all rules that pertain to quality, security and professionalism. I am an avid traveler to many parts of the world. My passion for languages pushes me to learn and add to my repertoire of languages. While I travel to these different parts of the world, I ensure that I keep bettering my diction and using this knowledge in my work constantly.

To improve my reach to those languages unknown to me, I have on my team a few other linguists who share the same passion of languages as I do. They come from different parts of the world and bring with them their experiences and knowledge.

With businesses going global, there is an increased need for translation and interpretation services. It has become so critical to convey intent in minimal words and this can get lost when the language is alien. We can provide language solutions for you and your company based on your requirements.
We have developed a large client base that chooses us over others since we provide the same efficiency and quality with a personal touch. Among other services we also provide,


    • Document translations
    • Website content development
    • Interpretation Equipment
    • Interpretation help with Event or Meetings
    • Project based interpretations